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A home inspection is a crucial aspect in any real estate transaction. The inspection process is meant to be transparent and independent. We are dedicated to providing knowledge to home buyers and sellers, and ensuring integrity comes with every home inspection.

We look forward to serving you and helping you make the right decision when buying or selling your next home.

We Inspect

  • Structural Items (Foundation, floor structure, roof structure, crawl spaces, basements, etc)
  • Exterior Items (Walls, siding, masonry, doors, windows, balconies, decks, etc.)
  • Roofing (shingles, flashings, chimneys, skylights, etc.)
  • Interiors (walls, ceilings, doors, windows)
  • Plumbing (Fixtures, pipes, tubs, showers, toilets, water heaters)
  • Electrical (Service panel, subpanels, lights, racetracks, wiring)
  • HVAC (equipment, ducts, registers, filters etc.)
  • Appliances (range tops, ovens, dishwashers, disposals)
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Residential Home Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspections

An extremely thorough inspection following the Texas Real Estate Commission’s (TREC) strict standards of practice (SOP) guidelines to provide you with a report which will allow you to know the condition of the property. This inspection usually takes about 2 ½ to 4 hours depending on home size and condition. It is recommended that the Client be on site for the end of the inspection for a verbal presentation of findings and questions.

Pre-Listing Inspection

This is a similar inspection to the standard home inspection except from a different perspective. The inspection is done for the Seller prior to listing the home for sale. It provides the seller with all the information about the home to remedy issues prior to listing. This puts the Seller in a stronger position to sell.

Inspect Electrical Panel
New Home Inspection

New Home Inspection

This type of inspection allows the buyer to deliver a detailed punch list to the builder prior to closing. The detailed list is coming from trained and experienced eyes which most homeowners are not used to doing.

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11-Month Warranty Inspection

This is the perfect follow-up to the New Home Inspection by again providing the builder with a comprehensive list of issues prior to warranty expiration. Remember, we are your trained and experienced consultants looking out for your best interests.

11-Month Home Inspection
Draw Inspection

Draw Inspections

This inspection is done for lending institutions handling construction loans. These are usually brief walk-throughs to determine progress of various components during construction

Multi-Family Inspections

Whether you-re a landlord or a potential property investor, a one to four family property still falls within the Texas Real Estate Commission’s authority to regulate inspections. We can perform these inspections to ensure there are no surprises and you can invest with confidence in knowing what you are buying.

Multi Family Home Inspection

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